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Bruce Wayne, the Batman
23 September 2009 @ 04:20 pm

[Affable, with the sounds of at least one, if not two or three women giggling and talking in the background.]

You've reached Bruce Wayne. I'm currently unavailable at the moment. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Bruce Wayne, the Batman
05 April 2009 @ 03:27 pm
So, as some of you may know, the DC Animated Universe covers a diverse array of characters from the comics... but my no means all. Now, obviously, those who received any screentime at all are automatically part of the DCAU, and probably known by Batman, because he keeps files on everyone and everything.

That said, there are some things going on offscreen. For instance, the Teen Titans exist in the DCAU-- in one episode of Static Shock, Batman explains to Static that Robin is with the Teen Titans at the moment-- but they never have their own show and exactly who is in their roster is never covered.

Likewise, I think it would be interesting to have some villains, such as Hush, have their origins maintained from the comic books, but their plans merely haven't been set into motion yet-- i.e., there exists a Hush in the DCAU universe, but Bruce knows him only as Tommy Elliot, his childhood friend who tragically lost his father in an automobile accident.

So, basically, this permissions post is for characters that aren't seen in the DCAU: Blue Beetle, Hush, Starfire, Black Mask, etc. If you do or do not want Batman to know coming in about your character, please post here with what you want him to know and what you don't want to know. Thank you!
Bruce Wayne, the Batman
05 April 2009 @ 03:23 pm
NAME: Belltrap
JOURNAL: suzu_no_hito
IM: Emrys the Gbane (AIM)
E-MAIL: Belltrap@gmail.com

CHARACTER NAME: Bruce Wayne/Batman (liable to use aliases, however)
FANDOM: Justice League Unlimited (animated series)
CHRONOLOGY: Post-“Destroyer”, episode 39 of JLU (post-end of series, pre-Batman Beyond)

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bruce Wayne. He had two loving parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, and lived in a mansion with them, and while their family wasn’t perfect, they were happy. But this boy and his parents didn’t live in a fairytale world. No, in fact, they lived in quite the opposite: Gotham City, one of the darkest and most corrupt cities in the world. While they used their fortune to try to better the city, there was only so much they could do… and it was only a matter of time before Gotham would repay them for their kindness. Late one night, returning from a movie they had seen together, they foolishly walked down a dark alley, where Thomas and Martha were brutally murdered before young Bruce’s eyes.

Deeply traumatized by the event, Bruce’s eyes were opened to the true darkness and injustice of Gotham, and a boy swore an oath that would change his life forever, to never let what happened to him happen to another again. Traveling the world, he studied criminology, forensics, escapology, martial arts, and dozens of other disciplines, all in the pursuit of being able to keep his promise, pushing his mind and body to their limits. Eventually, he returned to Gotham, taking on the symbol of the bat, a creature of the night and of fear, turning Gotham’s darkness against itself. He became more than a man, but a nightmare, a legend, and a symbol. The Batman.

Cultivating an affable playboy persona for his everyday work as CEO of Wayne Corporations and assisted by his loyal butler and father figure Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce concealed his work as the masked vigilante Batman, even as he formed ties in Gotham’s Police Department, particularly with one Commissioner James Gordon. However, even as he gained allies, new enemies rose to challenge him, perhaps, in a way, inspired by his own choice to become more than just a man, themselves forming an ever more deadly Rogues Gallery, featuring the likes of the Riddler, Two-Face, Bane, and, of course, the infamous Joker.

But the Batman was not to remain a lone symbol forever. The tragic death of Dick Grayson’s acrobat parents at the hands of the criminal Tony Zucco spurred Bruce to take the boy in, reminded of the tragedy in his own life. In the process of tracking down Zucco, Dick eventually learned Batman’s true identity as his guardian, Bruce Wayne, and in so doing, became Robin, the first of Batman’s partners. Over time, Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, Barbara Gordon, inspired by their example, joined them as Batgirl. Though this led to a fall out between Batman and Robin, Robin eventually leaving his position as Batman’s partner and taking up the mantle of Nightwing. In turn, the Robin mantle was assumed by Tim Drake, the son of a criminal who died at the hands of Two-Face.

In time, however, Batman’s personal war against crime in Gotham expanded as he and Superman formed a temporary partnership to battle the teamed likes of the Joker and Lex Luthor. Eventually, when Earth was faced with a threat which no one hero could defeat alone, Batman and Superman, along with four others, were assembled by J’onn J’onzz. Following this, a group known as the Justice League is formed in order to counter other threats of such a scale. Though Batman does provide them with the Watchtower, their base, at many times he is aloof from the other members of the team, as his primary responsibilities still remain in Gotham, and tends not to abide by majority decisions by other members of the group if doing so does not suit his purposes. Eventually, the League is expanded, including dozens of heroes, with the founding seven acting as its leaders and decision-makers.

Like many superheroes, the Batman is a creature of duality. Openly, his persona of Bruce Wayne is affable and flirtatious, but ultimately, shallow. That is not to say Bruce Wayne shows himself to be incompetent; indeed, he runs his company very productively, and is a shrewd businessman. That said, he doesn’t seem to take much in his personal life seriously, and what romances he does have are short lived… and mainly for cover.

Because of this, those who know Bruce Wayne’s dark secret have often claimed that the Batman is not the mask; rather, that Bruce Wayne is the mask, and that Batman is the truth of what he is, and there may be some merit in this, as Batman is a far more honest persona, at least when it comes to his mission in life. Batman is a man driven, almost to the point of obsession and insanity, to keep the promise he made to his parents’ grave all those years ago. His is an expert in several different fields and a master of deduction. He is widely regarded as one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable members of the superhero community in his world. Additionally, he regularly and willingly pushes his body and mind to their limits, constantly bettering himself, in part because of the brutal nature of Gotham City and its Rogues Gallery, and in part because of his lack of superhuman powers to protect him. For these same reasons, Batman is a cautious and secretive individual, almost to the point of paranoia, often developing contingency plans for various possible situations. This paranoia can even extend to his dealing with his teammates, as Batman is known to keep Kryptonite on his person in order to deal with Superman, should the Man of Steel ever be under mind control, brainwashed, or otherwise turned to evil purposes. Also because of this, he is something of a loner, and while he will issue commands for tactical purposes without hesitation, he is the most reluctant of the original League members to work as part of the team or abide by League decisions. Despite this, he seems to work well with his protégés, with whom he has a parental relationship. In his social interaction he is dark, grim, and brooding, straight-to-the-point, and demanding, employing sarcasm on the rare occasions when he shows humor. He avoids personal relationships, especially of romantic nature, because he holds his work in Gotham above all else and will not have that compromised. In dealing with criminals, he is harsh and, in some cases, brutal, employing intimidation tactics and violence to a degree rarely seen among his peers. Furthermore, he prefers to keep his existence at large unseen and unrecognized by the public, instead acting as an urban legend and a boogeyman of sorts, something transcending mortal limits in the imaginations of superstitious and cowardly criminals.

However, there are those who claim that both the Bruce Wayne persona and the Batman persona are masks; that while Batman was created in order to deal with the death-defying challenges he must face daily, and Bruce Wayne was created in order to act as appropriate cover for Batman’s acts, the truth is that deep down, he is still that sad, scared, lonely boy who lost his parents in Crime Alley one night.

CLASS: Hero, no dog tags.
ALTER EGO: Bruce Wayne/unknown (while normally a corporate executive, I doubt he’ll be able to become one easily here, so he’ll probably become a detective or a martial arts instructor using his skills at disguise to create another identity)
Infinite Mass Storage (Non-canon… sorta): Batman’s proposed ability will be able to store infinite amounts of mass on his person in places such as utility belt pouches. He will not be able to fit anything that he could not fit normally into the pouches into them, but he could store a theoretically infinite amount of tools, devices, and weapons small enough on his person. The weight of the utility belt is unaffected by how much mass is stored in it.

[voice post, affable and seemingly unruffled by the turn of events]

Well! I know I’ve been saying Gotham was getting a little predictable, but I was thinking more of a vacation to Sweden than to another dimension. I don’t suppose anyone I know is here? Alfred? Tim? Lucius?

Well, in any case, I’m Bruce Wayne. Nice to meet you all, and, no offense, but here’s hoping we find a way out of this place soon.

[private to Tim and Dick, encrypted, also voice, deep, gravelly, commanding]

I know you’re here. Rooftops, ten blocks to the east of the Tower, three blocks north. Immediately.

THIRD PERSON: With a crash and a shower of glass, darkness descended on them, landing in their midst, black cloak wrapped around him. For a second, they all hesitated, fear locking them in place as fear incarnate glared at them from within his sable cowl. That second was all he needed.

Bursting into action, he threw three batarangs with a cast of his hand, striking his targets in their temples and knocking them out before they could even start to doge. Expression grim, he surged forward as the remaining pair raised their guns in shaky hands. With cold precision, he calculated their reaction time, where they’ll aim, and how hard they’ll be to take down. Just as their guns level at him, he pounced, leaping into the air and soaring over them, crouching as he lands. Sweeping his leg in the same fluid motion with which he lands, He sent his opponents tumbling to the ground. As he rose he kicked away their guns before disabling both with swift blows as they scrambled to flee the dark, menacing figure.

Five down. One to go.

“Well done, Batsy.”

The Detective readied himself as mocking claps echoed through the room. That playful, grating voice held in it a barely perceptible edge of cold deadliness. Most would have only heard in his madness in his laugh, that insanity that makes him so easy for the other heroes to dismiss. But he could hear so much more. Rage. Nihilism. Id. And, more than anything else, the screams of every victim, every life he couldn’t save from this monster.

The Dark Knight turned to face his greatest foe, greeted with a view of a wide, maniacal smile that never quite reached the dead eyes above it. His only response to the Clown Prince of Crime was a gravelly growl and a single word as he launched himself into motion.

Bruce Wayne, the Batman
11 March 2008 @ 05:47 pm
Sans formatting, of course.

NAME: suzu no hito
PERSONAL LJ: suzu_no_hito
EMAIL/MESSENGER(S): knightfall@sbcglobal.net

NAME: Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman)
FANDOM: DCAU (DC Animated Universe, including: Batman: the Animated Series, Batman/Superman Adventures, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited)
TIMELINE PERIOD: Post “Destroyer” (JLU, episode 39, last ep)
BACKGROUND: Our story begins not with a man, but with a boy. Bruce Wayne, born to Doctor Thomas Wayne and his wife, Martha, was heir to the great Wayne legacy, living a pampered lifestyle with loving, kind parents.

Then, tragedy struck. Walking back from a rousing adventure film, the Waynes foolishly entered into a dark alleyway. For all their efforts, they would soon find, Gotham was still not a safe place, especially in the shadows.

A thief drew his gun, demanding of the Waynes all their valuables. Reports conflict on what exactly occurred next, but the end result was the same: young Bruce Wayne saw his parents gunned down by the mugger.

After that, the young Wayne heir disappeared from sight and, without the wealth and influence of his parents, Gotham soon fell to crime, corruption, and darkness, becoming a tarnished gem of sin and decadence.

Upon his return years later, Bruce Wayne seemed much changed. No longer the sad, terrified boy of his youth, the young Wayne had appeared to have coped with his parent’s death… or was dealing with it by indulging his every whim and using his very impressive fortune to do it. Leaving the running of Wayne Enterprises by and large to the executives and only meddling on rare occasion, Bruce Wayne, the young prince of Gotham, proceeded to quickly show himself to be an amiable, womanizing, shameless playboy.

However, that face which he showed to the world was nothing but a lie. Bruce Wayne had spent those years away not traveling the world to escape Gotham, but to learn. Martial arts, science, forensics, criminal psychology, stealth, escape artistry, even thievery… anything that would assist him in learning the methods of criminals and the fighting of crime, he mastered with fevered obsession bordering on madness. Pushing his body and mind to their limits and beyond, Bruce Wayne had forged the beginnings of one of the most legendary heroes ever to walk the Earth: The Batman.

A wraith in the night, a wrathful spirit of justice and vengeance, the Batman descended on Gotham soundlessly, striking fear into the hearts of criminals across the dark, corrupt city, his drive allowing him to perform almost superhuman feats and his wealth allowing him access to a fearsome arsenal of gadgets and devices for every situation imaginable. Identity hidden behind a mask as black as the heart of Gotham itself, foppish façade cast aside, the Batman quickly became renowned in Gotham, a legendary boogie man to the criminal element, and a bearer of hope and justice for a better Gotham to the downtrodden. Though a single man standing against the rising darkness, again and again Batman has beaten back that darkness, refusing to surrender his city to crime and chaos even against the most impossible odds.

Over time, he faced countless foes, his own presence seeming to draw the most insane, cunning, and powerful criminals to him, drawing him into personal combat again and again. Though some battles he lost, the Dark Knight continued to press onward, surviving every challenge his enemies would throw at him.

Eventually, however, the paragon of humanity was called on to face foes yet more mighty, threats yet more encompassing, and, in so doing, he encountered some of the most powerful beings in the world, such heroic luminaries as Superman, the Flash, and Wonder Woman, and joined their ranks, becoming one of the founding members of the Justice League. Though lacking any superpowers of his own, again and again the Batman proved to be among the most valuable of the Justice League’s assets, his brilliant mind and unwavering determination unsurpassed even by his compatriots.

THIRD PERSON: With a crash and a shower of glass, darkness descends on them, landing in their midst, black cloak wrapped around him. For a second, they all hesitate, fear locking them in place as fear incarnate glares at them from within his sable cowl. That second is all he needs.

Bursting into action, his cape flies back and with a cast of his hand, he throws three batarangs, striking his targets in their temples and knocking them out before they can even start to doge. Expression grim, he surges forward as they raise their guns, calculating reaction time, where they’ll aim, and how easy they’ll be to take down all with a single glance. Just as they level their guns at him, he pounces, leaping into the air and soaring over them, crouching as he lands, and sweeping his leg in the same fluid motion with which he lands, sending his opponents tumbling to the ground. As he rises he kicks away their guns before disabling both with swift blows as they scramble to get away from him.

Five down. One to go.

“Well done, Batsy.”

The Detective readies himself as mocking claps echo through the room. That playful, grating voice holds in it a barely perceptible edge of cold deadliness. Most would only hear in it the laugh, the insanity that makes him so easy for the other heroes to dismiss. But he hears so much more. Rage. Nihilism. Id. And, more than anything else, the screams of every victim, every life he couldn’t save from this monster.

The Dark Knight turns to face his greatest foe, greeted with a view of a wide, maniacal smile that never quite reaches the dead eyes above it. Never. His only response to the Clown Prince of Crime is a gravelly growl as he launches himself into motion.


FIRST PERSON: It’s 8 am. Two hours past dawn. I still can’t sleep. There was another break from Arkham at 11:26 pm last night. Two-Face. Joker. Clayface. Killer Croc. Clayface is still on the loose. The others will be on the loose again within a week.

Twenty-three. Between the four of them, they killed twenty-three people before the night was out. They’ll identify more before noon. And there’ll be more dead by tomorrow night because I couldn’t find Clayface.

There are always more.

The others… Clark, Diana, all of them… It’s easier for them. They understand the value of life. They’re horrified at the thought of killing someone. But they don’t understand. Every one of those lives wasn’t just a loss to that person. They left behind fathers, mothers, wives, husbands… and children. Every night, I promise myself that I won’t let one more child in Gotham go through losing their parents. Every night, I fail.

It’s 8:05 am. I still can’t sleep.
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